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Just a quick post with a short assessment of the Christian book publishing industry, by Scott McKnight.

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Brian K. Rice
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Writing as a Way to learn

I am a writer. I write all the time. This goes as far back as the time when I began to be a "serious learner." No one told me to write. I just started doing it. And I found that writing was a CORE pathway, a technique for me to:

  • learn,
  • to process,
  • to reflect in a way that produced forward movement.
  • to advance my understanding,
  • to refine my ability to communicate the ideas to others.

Later I became an avid (Raving) fan of journaling. I journal (almost) every day. My journals are a wonderful mixture of prayers, reflections, drafts of posts, articles, essays, lessons... they reveal my thinking, my affections, my struggles, my journey... they are a record to which i return and from which I move on.

So I was intrigued with the quote from John Calvin that comes from his Institutes. 

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