workplace spirituality

Workplace Spirituality

Where does the spiritual life fit into the workplace? Is it about praying, having a bible study, taking off the Christian holidays, or does it invade the decisions we make and the dark side of leadership that so easily impacts us. Am I even aware of the dark sides of leadership that reside in me?  Do I ever look back on a decision I make and wonder about the basis of the decision, how I made it, what implications it has for those around me or did I do damage to someone in the process. 

It is so easy to make decisions that are designed to meet my needs, to satisfy my wants and dreams without so much as considering that others you work with might have wants and needs. It is a cold reality that many of the choices I have made in the past have been all about me.  But then isn’t it all about me anyway?  I sure live that way a lot. 

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