the work of leadership

Three Responsibilities for Senior Leaders

And for the Rest of Us Leaders As Well!


Somewhere, someone must have said, "Of the making of lists about leadership - there is no end!" If someone, somewhere has not said this, I'll be the first to go on record and say - there are too many lists out there. Still, the brain likes lists. The memory appreciates bullet points that are organized. So here is one of the lists. I think it is a good list. It comes from Michael Lindsay, and his book, View From the Top, where he did substantial and wide research on the nature of power and authority. I think he is well positioned to give us his list of Three Core Responsibilities That Senior Leaders Need to Do.

The Wisdom of Edmund Burke

There are times when we need to sit with the wise philosophers -  historians - statesman of the past. Edmund Burke is one whose wisdom seems to transcend time and culture. One of Burke's quotes is among the most profound I have ever read. Then, I recently came across another that comes alongside it, very nicely. Here are the quotes:

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