Is Work Killing You?

7 Thoughts on Avoiding Burnout

A Constant Threat for Busy Leaders

I have the privilege of working with some high production leaders. They work long, they work hard and they work smart. They get the job done and they get results. In the end, bearing much fruit that lasts is the mission and the litmus test of great leadership. While I may not be as productive and fruitful as some of the people I admire, I am certainly in their group when it comes to working long and hard and with passion.

Such leaders always face the serious threat of BURNOUT.
The work is never finished.
There is always more to do.
There is always improvement that is needed.
There are always new opportunities.

That is the way of life and leaders are those who accept the challenges and responsibilities that go with it.

Is Your Work Killing You?

Growing Stress in the Workplace

David Posen is an M.D. who writes about stress. See his great little book on relieving stress for lots of insights and best practices.

In his latest book, he talks about our growing STRESS in the workplace. Here are five problems contributing to burnout, low productivity, dissatisfaction and turnover.

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