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Women in Leadership and Depression

Here is an article on women in leadership and how female senior leaders is affected by depression.

This is a serious matter in deed as we seek to have and support more women in positions of highest leadership.

Women Leaders - how about you?
What has been your experience and what has been most helpful in keeping your own emottional equilibrium?

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International



Women and Millenials - Why We Need Them in Leadership

women in leadership, millenials inleadershipHere is a bonus for today. A short but provocative article on why we need more women in leadership and more millenials in leadership. 

Click here for the article from Fast Company.

As is the nature of all short articles, it just scratches the surface. 

Click here for the site that has the research to which she refers.

But still... these are the important conversations well worth having.

Women in Leadership: Seven Stories of Getting Better

Here is a nice article with snapshops of seven women (all over the age of 40) who are leaders. They reflect on how they have grown as leaders through the years. 

Life long learning is mandatory for great leadership.  I am privileged to work with several truly great women leaders. They are life long learners, devoted to spiritual formation, leadership development and missional impact on the world. They put in the hours neeed to grow. They produce wonderful results.

These stories illustrate how seven leaders learn and how leadership capacity and fruitfulness expands. Thanks again to Fast Company for providing outstanding short articles for leaders.

Seven Inspiring Women and How They've Become Better Leaders With Age.

Women in Leadership

Today's post is a link for a nice collection of Quotes About Women in Leadership. These quotes are found on the website, Words Heaven. You would have to dig a little if you simply go to their site, but the link I provide takes you to the right spot.

While I hope the women readers of our site will really enjoy them and find them useful stepping stones for reflection, I also hope that men will find them just as useful. 

Some of the quotes are funny, some are powerful, many are inspirational, others instructive . . . all are movtivational.

If you want to read a really good book about women in Leadership, check out Sheryl Sandberg's book:

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