Victor Frankl

What, How, Why (and Endurance)

What gives you the power to endure and to persevere? What keeps you moving on when things are difficult and you would like to give up?

Victor Frankl, quoting Nietzsche says, "A man can eudure almost any how if only he has a why."

Here is a meager example to illustrate that profound thought. I spent two years working a very hard job, in very difficult circumstances, with a "boss" who was terribly dysfunctional, mean, angry and who "hated me." (The boss part lasted about 4 months.) Most days I did not want to go to work, but I did. Why? Well, that is the key. I had a "why" / reason I went to work.

Questioned By Life

Victor Frankl, quote, questioned by life

Victor Frankl is one of those people positioned to hold us to a higher standard of existence. This is one of his statements. As a Christian, I must reframe this with God as the Source of Life, the Meaning of Life, the One to whom I am accountable for my life.

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