Leadership Lesson 02: The Six Benefits of Credibility

Leadership Lesson 02:

The Six Benefits of Credibility

There are many more than six benefits, but there are six benefits that Kouzes and Posner identified, that results when leaders are seen as CREDIBLE. When people have credible leaders, they are significantly more likely to:

1.  Be proud of their organization and tell others about it.
In other words, your credibility paves the way for your team to become RAVING FANS of their workplace.

2.  Feel a strong sense of team spirit.
Team spirit - by definition, means I belong to this team, I love my team, I will not let my team down. 

Leadership Lesson 02: Credibility Matters

Leadership Lesson 02:
Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership.

If people don't believe in you, they won't willingly follow you.  Kouzes and Posner

The subject of credibility is so important, that Kouzes and Posner wrote a TOME on it. The subtitle tells you why they wrote so extensively on it. How Leaders Gain and Lose, Why People Demand It. People demand it. So we better know what it is, how we get it, and how we could lose it.

The Three Things Followers Need

Warren Bennis has been around for some time now. He is one of the early leadership authors who had an enormous influence on just about EVERYONE ELSE. If you want to see the incredible number of books he has written, you can see them here.  I still remember how powerful his book - On Becoming a Leader - was for me. He was clear, direct and compelling. So here is a brief list from this outstanding leadership scholar.

Bennis says followers need three things from their leaders. If leaders do not provide these things, the followers will not be effective, fruitful, successful, devoted followers. they will be confused and frustrated . . . and their ability to commit to the organization is weaker. Here they are, with my own explanation:

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