Chesterton on Gratitude

G. K. Chesterton was one of those rare individuals who lived from 1874-1936. He was a prolific writer, thinker, debater, and apolgist for the Christian faith.

He was a creative "word-smith" who found brilliant and beautiful ways to describe the way of Christ. 

In my opinion, some of his best thoughts had to do with gratitude. As we are in the week of the North American Thanksgiving holiday, take a little time to reflect on Chesterton's thoughts.

Journaling As a Prayer


Journaling has been something I have done most of my life.  I found one of my old journals from 30 years ago and unfortunately it was more of a chronological arrangement of my day and not a reflection upon my soul.  If that would have been my style then it would have been very interesting to see if there has been much change in my soul in those 30 years but there is not much to gather from that old tattered book. The concept of reflecting on what God has done dates back to Moses where God commanded him to write out the journeys in Numbers 33:2.  They build altars to remember what God had done for them, a physical reminder of the blessings of God. 

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