Leadership Lesson 01: You Can Make a Difference at Work

Leadership Lesson 01: 
You Can Make a Difference at Work

There are so many researchers that help us understand the strategic role of a supervisor or manager in the workplace. The person who makes the greatest difference for those who work (no matter where it is) is the immediate supervisor. It has been said that people don't leave jobs. They leave bosses. And not the bosses at the top of the ladder, the ones who run the entire organization. It is the "boss" who is closest to them who makes for a positive or negative work experience.

Daniel Goleman helps us understand this with his theme of emotional intelligence and leaders creating resonant work spaces. The most important work a leader can do for those on her or his team is to create a resonant work atmosphere.

5 Difficult Conversations We Don't Want to Have

I Suppose Some People Like to be the Bearers of Bad News...
...but I am not one of them.

Still, at times, I have to have these difficult conversations. This article identifies just FIVE of these conversations, with a few suggestions how to have them.

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