Success and Goals: Great Quotes in Images

Today is just a collection of quotes on success and goals. I spent several hours this morning writing and editing a new workbook that will be available in January on personal productivity. I went surfing the internet for some good ideas. I hope you are inspired and motivated as I am by these thoughts.

Brian K. Rice
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Four Factors That Facilitate Success

When Michael Lindsay studied one of the most effective leadership learning programs in the U.S.A., he turned to the White House Fellowship program. As he interviewed graduates of that program, he found there were four main factors the program facilitated for its participants. These factors paved the way for a future of wide open possibilities. (See, View From the Top.)

ONE: Significant Work.
The program offers the opportunity to do work that matters, work that is challenging and meaningful, and work that is diverse. To grow in leadership, you need lots of opportunities to learn and practice skills, and to be exposed to a skill set that is outside your normal group of competencies.

Pursuing Greatness

you cannot pursue greatness and comfort at the same time, greatness quote

You cannot pursue greatness and comfort at the same time.   Todd Henry

There are two thoughts I have about this.

First, Todd Henry is right.
Greatness is never achieved by the comfortable. Greatness is achieved through hard work, discipline, sacrifice, struggle, failure (learning opportunity), diligence, persistence, resilience... sustained over time. Our "comfort oriented" culture will inevitably see a decline in greatness. We already do see such a decline. You will never stumble upon nor stroll into greatness.


What You Must Do for Getting the Results You WAnt

We Know How to be More Successful...
But actually doing those things takes intentionality and sustained effort. I found a nice, concise reminder of what I need to do for getting the results I desire. It then took a few minutes to reflect on how well I am "currently" doing or not doing those things. It was a good exercise to self-assess and then make some adjustments.

success is small efforts repeated daily

Here is a great, short article on 5 Things Successful People Never Do. 

What Successful People Do

success quote success is not just what you do it is how you inspire othersIt is not rocket science, but it is difficult.

It is not a mystery, but it is challenging.

It is within the reach of every person, but it will stretch you.

It is particular and unique for each person, but there are patterns that are evident for most people.

It may be too much to describe it as The Science of Success, but it surely is a WAY that is well mapped.


These are the INDICATORS seen in the Lives of Successful People.

Is "Great" Really a Category Christians Can Use?

Jim Collins NOTE 03:
There are definitely some words Christains do not like. I am not talking about vulgarity and swearing. Here are the words I am thinking about.

words Christians don't like

When we start using these words, and others like them, we squirm and become uncomfortable. They sound, well - worldly. Secular. UnChristian. They are not words we find in the Bible. They seem to be "works-oriented words." We prefer words like grace, love, relationship and acceptance. 

Another word to add to this list is the word - GREAT or GREATNESS. That word sounds full of pride and even arrogance. Of if not that - then of impossible standards.

I understand... I really do. I really like some other words and ideas myself. By far, my favorite two biblical phrases are from Jesus and Paul.

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