Three Beautiful Thoughts on Reading

From Merton, Foster and LeClercq

I am just going to provide the quotes with the images I found, without commenting on any of the quotes.

My only encouragement is to read, read a lot, read a lot of really good books, reflect on what you read, have conversations about what you read, and put into practice what you read and learn. May God hover over your heart and mind as you do this.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Thomas Merton on reading

Work Smarter Not Harder! Really?

There are some catchy phrases (Tag Lines) that have entered into the "Common Wisdom" of our day. Unfortunately, just because something is common and even accepted as wisdom, doesn't mean it is.

You've heard one of those catchy Tag Lines many times. It goes like this: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Really!?! Who came up with that piece of advice? What is the research to show that it really generates results. Here is the problem. In many, if not most cases, we create these popular EITHER-OR dualisms that are really unhelpful. In this case it is the EITHER-OR of smarter or harder. Smarter and harder are set in contrast, in opposition to each other. That is the mistake right from the beginning. It is a FALSE dualism that is simply not true. 

Instead - the truth is that Good Work requires you to work smarter AND work harder. 

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