St. Francis

Francis Go Repair My House

Francis go repair my house which as you can see is all in ruins

"Francis, go repair my house, which, as you can see, is all in ruins."

These are the words that Francis, a rich merchant's son and a young man in deep spiritual crisis, heard repeated three times in 1205, while he was praing in tears before the crucifix of St. Damian's Church in Assisi. (Francis: Life and Revolution, pp. 167).

And Francis would go to found the Order of the Franciscans, seeking to repair what was broken in the Roman Catholic Church (of which much was broken).

What You Are On To is What You Pass On

If You Are On To It, You Will Talk About It!

What you are on to defines you. Shapes you. Fills you. Then, you begin to live out what you are on to.
My apologies to all English, grammar types, for these darn dangling prepositions.

You always live out and live according to what you are on to. 

I have a good friend who is on to something powerful about reconciliation and forgiveness between people who really don't like each other. He lives this stuff constantly. By the way, he pays the price for it.

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