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Martin Luther King, Jr.

A Few of the Many Great QUOTES by Martin Luther King, Jr.
In Honor of His birthday and legacy.

The Paradoxical Commandments - Part Two

The Paradoxical Commandments, servant leadership


There is no need to say anything other then, sit with these deep and difficult thoughts. 
Pray and listen to Christ who is our Way,Truth and Life.
Consider your own servant leadership.
Discern your heart.
What is your desire?


Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


The Paradoxical Commands of Servant Leadership

Mother Teresa, do it anyway, paradoxical commandments, servant leadershipThe new leadership learning communities I call 90-5-U have been launched and are well under way at LWCC. We have three different learning communities.

The early morning group meets from 6:30 - 8:00 am.
The morning group meets from 9:00 - 10:32 am.
The evening group meets from 6:30 - 8:00 pm.

Each group has between 12-20 people in it. We meet for 90 minutes. We spend time in large group conversation/teaching, small group time, and personal processing.

Today's theme in our learning community is: The Work of Leadership: Serving God and Serving Others.

I Find People Extremely Exhausting

Bonhoeffer quote, Life Together, I find people extremely exhaustingNot My Words - but Those of Dietrich Bonhoeffer*
Who deeply loved people. Who was fully commiited to people. Who made great sacrifices for people.

And who taught those who were studying to become pastors, that before they seek to be excellent in preaching and leading - they must be excellent in serving. When I recently read Life Togehter, the chapter on ministry, I was really struck by the first FIVE TASKS OF MINISTRY Bonhoeffer described.

The Seven Leadership Practices of Pope Francis

Pope Francis why he leads the way he leads  chris lowney  servant spiritual leadershipWell obviously the new pope has more than SEVEN leadership practices, but Chris Lowney identifies seven core practices of this Jesuit formed Pope Francis. These practices are illustrated nicely in Lowney's new book, Pope Francis: Why He Leads the Way He Leads. Here they are with super brief explanations.

The One Must Read Leadership Book for This Year

Pope Francis why he leads the way he leads   chris lowneyThis past week I have read two outstanding books that jump into Brian's BEST BOOKS OF THE YEAR category. It is going to be very hard to dislodge them from their #1 and #2 rankings.

At #2 is Self-Renewal: The Individual and the Innovative Society by John Gardner. I won't say anything else about that book, other then - deeply insightful, wonderfully written, personally challenging and inspiring.

Mother Teresa - a Few of Her Thoughts

Something beautiful for God...
That is how Malcolm Muggeridge described Mother Teresa and her work. Something beautiful, extraordinary and holy.

I recently re-read his little classic about Mother Teresa and the documentary he did on her for BBC. Muggeridge is a brilliant and insightful journalist. His own reflections about Mother Teresa, her work and his own self-understanding in light of meeting here - are deeply moving. I wanted to give you a few thoughts from Mother Teresa that spoke to me, and which led to some personal reflection. I won't tell you my own reflection... rather, simply - let you do your own.

Mother Teresa, the work of God

Max De Pree on what Leaders Do

Max De Pree was the incredible sevant leader of the furniture company Herman Miller. De Pree was such a good leader and wrote such excellent books on leadership, that eventually a Max De Pree Center for Leadership was founded

Two of my favorite (still worth reading) books my De Pree are:  
Leadership is an Art
Leadership Jazz

Here is one of the most powerful definitions of the Work of the Leader I have yet encountered. There are three things a leader must do.

To Be Really Happy, Try Being Counter-Cultural

This is not your typical, standard, "common-sense" piece of advice/wisdom you are going to hear very often.

I am sure you have heard the witty reply about "common-sense."

What passes for common sense is neither common nor does it make much sense. 

I also like the "tongue in cheek" comparison of common sense and DEODORANT. But I digress . . .

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