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Nine Pathways to Self Leadership

Long. Slow. Deep. Difficult. Particular.
That is a mantra and mindset I use whenever I talk about personal formation. Whether the focus is leadership development, life coaching, spiritual direction or some combination - growing, maturing, developing - is long, slow, deep, difficult and particular (this last one meaning concrete, specific and highly relevant to the individual). Here are nine pathways that are useful in the First Task of Self-Leadership. Each pathway helps with the three essential elements of Self-Leadership:  (1) awareness, (2) choice and (3) action/praxis.

Self Leadership - A Word From Mandela

Nelson Mandela had what the Bible calls the wilderness experience. For Mandela, his wilderness was a small one. It was Robben Island near Capetown. The island is 2 miles x 1 mile in size (3.3 x 1.9 kilometers). On the island was the prison where Mandela spent 18 years. He had a cell that was 8 x 8 feet (or 2.5 x 2.5 meters). Cold in the winter, hot in the summer, sparse, hard, with little contact from the outside. This was the crucible where Mandela was forged.

With no entertainment, no distractions, few options, but much solitude and silence, a woman or man has time to think. Ruminate. Ponder. Obsess. Look within. When you are your own main company, it is possible (not inevitable) that you will come to know yourself. 

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