Too in Love With Our Own Ideas

Joseph Loconte, in The Searchers, offered a profound insight that all who are responsible for teaching the faith must consider (often).

"What strikes me about some of these preachers is that they probably couldn't recognize the hand of God if it popped them on the nose. They're just too in love with their own ideas about how he works."

You are in Charge!

the individual is king  autonomy  self-directed  individualismOr are you?

Be sure to read through to the last line ... or if you want ... skip the post and just read the last line ... that is the take-away idea.

One of the now established realities of post-modern life is we no longer trust authorities. Trust and confidence in the institutions of our culture and those who lead those institutions is at very low levels.

The cult of the individual is on the rise. It has been on that rise for a very long time. It just seems it is accelerating. In the loss of trust in those who lead us, we then turn to the one source we think is reliable - the SELF. I am in charge. I will decide. I choose. 

The customer is always right.
The individual is king.

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