Low Performers

You either hired them that way or you made them that way. 

W. Edwards Deming, one of the truly great leadership gurus, gave us those thoughts about "low performers."

There are some people who are just not productive. They are not productive because of ____________ (fill in the blank). There are many reasons why one person is not getting results. Deming says there are one of two reasons why you have low performers.

They were low performers when you hired them. Bad hiring - bad mistake on your part.

They were satisfactory or even good performers when you hired them, but through poor management, supervision and leadership, they have become low performers. Bad supervision - bad mistake on your part.

No Substitute for Results

there is no substitute for great results

There is no substitute for great results.


I am not saying that results are the ONLY thing that is important... although, if you don't want results - why are you doing what you do? 

And yet - it is striking how little we monitor progress toward results... and how little we work to make corrections so we can get results. We make the mistake of thinking, "I am busy, so that is good!" Not true. There is busy and then there is productive busy.

Being busy is not the goal. 
Being busy doing good things is not even the goal.
Getting the results that are important to your organization's mission - that is the goal.

The Problem With Email at Work

And Why Some Companies Ban Email at Work

I have been on a personal productivity "kick" for about the last two years. For several reasons.

1.  Lack of productivity seems to be on the increase. Work habits and a good work ethic is not a given.

2.  I became aware of the statistics about how the use of social media puts us in a constant mode of distraction and having our attention interrupted. This means personal productivity takes a big hit. The Internet has been described as an ecosystem of interruption technology.

How to Achieve Your Goals

Eight Steps to Getting the Results You Want

Define it.
Know exactly what you want to get. Don't settle for just being active. Activity for a purpose. Activity that gets you where you want to go. So define where you want to go. Not just in theory. Not just in general. But specific, concrete, measurable.

Want it.
How much you really desire your goals. Are they just nice things you would like to have? Or are you passionate about those things. They MUST come to pass. You cannot imagine your work and your life without those things coming to pass. How much do you want it? How strong is your desire?

Get Your Personal Productivity Off to a Good Start - EARLY in the Year

14 Ideas to Get You Going Strong
There should be almost nothing on this list that is new to you.

On the ohter hand, most of what is on this list is what you need reminded about and which needs to be refreshed in your life.

Personal productivity that leads to long term results, personal fulfillment as you are in alignment with God's plan for your life, and fruitfulness that spills over into the lives and ministries of others, will be dependent on the daily and sustained:  practices of personal productivity.

Start out implementing a few good ideas. Build consistency, and then add some more.

Being Indispensable at Work

How to Make Yourself EverMoreSo!
This article (click here for it) is not the last word, nor the complete word, and not even the best word. But it is one more piece of the picture and so it is a helpful word.

Generally speaking...

the more effective you are,
and the more efficient you are,
the more productive you will be...

and the more productive you are,
the more needed you are where you work.

Make a Daily "Success List"

To Motivate and Encourage Yourself
Here was a great idea I just read that will help personal productivity.

Use a daily list of what you have accomplished, your successes, your results and accomplishments for a few things.

First - some accountability to get results.

Second - to be encouraged by progress made.

Third - to celebrate the things you are doing that are important to you and your mission.

7 Thoughts on Avoiding Burnout

A Constant Threat for Busy Leaders

I have the privilege of working with some high production leaders. They work long, they work hard and they work smart. They get the job done and they get results. In the end, bearing much fruit that lasts is the mission and the litmus test of great leadership. While I may not be as productive and fruitful as some of the people I admire, I am certainly in their group when it comes to working long and hard and with passion.

Such leaders always face the serious threat of BURNOUT.
The work is never finished.
There is always more to do.
There is always improvement that is needed.
There are always new opportunities.

That is the way of life and leaders are those who accept the challenges and responsibilities that go with it.

What You Must Do for Getting the Results You WAnt

We Know How to be More Successful...
But actually doing those things takes intentionality and sustained effort. I found a nice, concise reminder of what I need to do for getting the results I desire. It then took a few minutes to reflect on how well I am "currently" doing or not doing those things. It was a good exercise to self-assess and then make some adjustments.

success is small efforts repeated daily

Here is a great, short article on 5 Things Successful People Never Do. 

How Much Sleep Do You Need? What If You Don't Get Enough Sleep?

Here is an extra resource for you today. It is a fun (or scary) short video courtesy of Fast Company. Check it out.

I may be fooling myself, but I may have that genetic adaptation for less sleep. If not...

Ruh Roh Rould be Rouble

Your Brain on Six Hours of Sleep



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