Don't be Wrapped Up in Yourself

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At the very best, a person completely wrapped up in himself (or herself) makes a small package.

This is not an original thought, just a good one, that I thought I would pass on today. The Great Commandment is to be wrapped up in God and in others, to the same degree and passion, that we prefer to be wrapped up in ourselves.

Expand your life - get involved with others.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Recognition & Ribbon Giving

I have discovered a fascinating thing: men will die for ribbons. Napoleon Bonaparte

Fascinating Indeed!

There is good and bad in this, light and dark, potential and peril.

To be human is to need affirmation, appreciation and encouragement. To be human is to want to make a difference, and to know one is making a difference. Try as much as we like, but we cannot eliminate these dynamics from our human experience.

Wise leaders understand this... and they treat it with caution and care.

Flattery is bad... it is fake, phony, insincere, and almost always attended by an ulterior motive.

Addicted to Praise

Insecurity, lack of confidence, the need for constant praise... these are always serious issues. When they are in a leader - they have even more consequences. It is one thing to have legitimate needs for feedback, encouragement and affirmation. And one of the vital leadership tasks is to "encourage the heart" of those you lead. But for many leaders - it goes a lot farther.

Here is a very nice article that asks: Are You Addicted to Praise.

Worth reading and a careful reflection...

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


Doubt Your Infallibility: Or What Leaders Tend NOT TO DO!

Benjamin Franklin, the older I grow the more apt I am to doubt my own judgment, humility, self awareness

Here is the full quote, which was too long to put on to the image.

Having lived long, I have experienced many instances of being obliged by better information, or fuller consideration, to change opinions even on important subjects, which I once thought right, but found to be otherwise. It is therefore that the older I grow, the more apt I am to doubt my own judgment, and to pay more respect to the judgment of others. Ben Franklin

That was part of the wisdom Franklin offered to his fellow delegates at the United States constitutional convention in 1787.

Overcoming Your Addiction to Praise

C.S. Lewis quote, prideEvery now and then I run across an article that is seriously inadequate in its analysis and prescription of the problem. That happened yesterday when I read a blog on the theme of overcoming one's addiction to praise. You can read it HERE.

There are three quite positive things I would say about the article.

1.  It sees the need for praise as a problem.

2.  It sees the ADDICTION to needing praise as a serious problem.

3.  It believes you can (and should) take action about this problem.

A Not So Very Good Morning

Which was Actually a Quite Good Morning in the End

C.S. Lewis quote, pride, love, humility

It was this past Monday morning. On Monday morning I work on the chapter in Jesus Encounters: Embracing the Life of Christ. This week it was on the subject of humility and pride. Ouch. Boy was I convicted. What makes this at least a little ironic is that I wrote the material! I researched it. Thought about it. Wrote it. Edited it. Edited it some more. Now I was doing the work of spiritually engaging it. 

Four Signs of Stage One Decline (The Results of Pride)

The Signs are Clear When You Have the Eyes to See
Someone in your organization needs to have those eyes!
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 22

dogmatic, dogmatism, deathIt has been several weeks since my previous post in this series. To refresh your memory - check out Pride is the Deadly Organizational Sin.
There are four signs Collins mentions that are the results of pride. Here is a brief explanation of each.

Pride is the Deadly Organizational Sin

pride all about me deal with itNo Surprise on This One!  Pride is Always at the Root of What's Gone Wrong!
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 21

It is the original sin.
It is the most deadly of sins.
It is the most ingrained of sins.
It is the foolishness of those who cannot see themselves for who and what they are.
It is the sin which launches a multitude of other ones.

Call it hubris, ego, vanity, arrogance, superiority - in this form it is always bad. There is a type of pride that is good. You can have a true and necessary delight, enjoyment, satisfaction, and confidence in real achievements and accomplishments. Leaders actually need that kind of pride.


My Own Worst Enemy

my own worst enemyI rarely have less then a dozen appointments a week. Some weeks it can be quite a few more. I am privileged to spend a lot of my time working with peope who are growing, pressing on, hungry for more, invested in the process, committed to the journey, open and curious learners. Therefore, these conversations are usually some type of mentoring. Either leadership coaching, life coaching, spiritual direction, skill training, supervision. Occasionally I have conversations that enter into the deep brokenness and dysfuction of the other. Occasionally there is full blown resistance in one of these conversations... occasionally (fortunately).

We Love Being Right and Looking Good

Gospel identity, adoption, union in ChristWe love being right and looking good - pretending that we're better than we really are. We also love pretending that the people around us are more messed up than we are - that way we've given ourselves permission to yell at them, shame them, criticize them, or crush them.  (Pretty near exact quote from Gospel identity, published by World Harvest Mission. My handwiriting was illegible at several places, so I guessed as to what I had copied.)


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