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Who Gets the Credit?

you can accomplish anything in life provided you do not ind who gets the credit, Truman quote

You can accomplish anything in life, provided that you do not mind who gets the credit.  Harry Truman

What do you want? Do you want to get the job done or do you want to get the credit for getting the job done? What is most important to you? Results or accolades?

There is nothing wrong with wanting to be affirmed for good work. However, the ego is always involved in this need for affirmation. The fallen, self-obsessed ego is easily aroused. The insecure, competitive ego is waiting to make a statement. Our culture pushes us hard to be recognized. Even more - to stand out from the crowd in being recognized.

So we are too often, too concerned about who gets the credit.

Abraham Lincoln on Mercy and Friendship

. . . Mercy Trumps Strict Justice
. . . Mercy Turns Friends Into Enemies

I've read about half a dozen books on Lincoln this year. And I wish I had time to read more about him.

Of the presidential leaders of our country, the top three whom I deeply admire and respect are George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt.

I have read the most about Roosevelt, Lincoln is next and Washington will get my attention next year.

Here are two quotes from Lincoln. 

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