The Art of Communication

Here is a really good article and video on public speaking. It has 8 things a good communicator MUST NOT DO. Then there are 4 things that good communicators MUST DO.

It is from one of my favorite bloggers - Presentation Zen.

Enjoy and incorporate in the next time you speak.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International

The Preacher as Bard

The God-Hungry ImaginationHere is a great paragraph that inspired me from The God Hungry Imagination by Sarah Arthur.

As Christian preachers and teachers . . . we must always remember that we're not meant to be journalists, merely relaying the facts; we're meant to be bards, speech-weavers, spinning a spell that captures the imagination. Yes, the gospel is the "good news" . . . but it is just as importantly the "good spell," a Word that has the power to capture and transform the human imagination.

Whether it is C.S. Lewis (the quintessential imaginative weaver of stories)
or Walter Bruggemann (the towering preacher, poet, prophet of the Old Testament)
or Garrison Keillor (narrator of the always delightful Lake Wobegon stories)
or Donald Miller (Blue Like Jazz - will you ever forget that book title?) 
or Jesus Himself who taught those wondrous parables and had a never-ending reservoir of metaphors . . .

Ten Must Read Books for the 21st Century Communicator

Today is a BONUS post for anyone who is in the business of communication. Whether you are a presenter, teacher, trainer, preacher, writer, blogger - COMMUNICATION IS THE KEY. But not just any communication.

Good communication...
Great communication...
Sticky ideas...
Creative, compelling, memorable content...
Visually rich with images...

I believe the work of communication is harder then it has ever been. Fortunately, there is GREAT help available for anyone who wants to put the time and hard work in that is absolutely required to become an effective 21st century communicator.

It is this simple: The old ways of communication are increasingly less effective... and for some audiences, especially the younger ones - the old ways just do not work - period.

Pleasantly Expectant or Dangerously Attentive

WOW! Did that phrase ever capture my attention when I read it in The Soul of a Leader. It comes from the great British biographer of Lincoln - Lord Charnwood. Charnwood was comparing the style of speaking used in the British Parliment with the way Lincoln spoke.

The British speakers strove to keep their listeners:

"pleasantly expectant rather than dangerously attentive . . .
Lincoln's style was the exact reverse."

Abraham Lincoln had a different task. To persuade, convince, mobilize, direct, inspire and renew the moral, political and spiritual life of a divided nation.

Four Essentials for Good Communication

Everything is changing. That includes how people learn. The kinds of communication that grabs hold of them. Their attention span. Their interests. All this means that how public speakers communicate has to change.

I ran across this idea as far back as 1986 when I was introduced to the brilliant, provocative, paradigm changing book - Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman. Postman's contention was simple: TV has changed every profession that uses public discourse/speaking as key to its vocation.

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