A Prayer of St. Benedict

A friend blessed me the other week with this prayer of St. Benefict.
I will pass on the blessing and let you know I prayed this today for my friends and readers.


Gracious and Holy Father,
Grant us the intellect to understand you,
Readon to discern you, diligence to seek you,
Wisdom to find you, a spirit to know you,
A heart to meditate on you.

May our ears hear you,
May our eyes behold you,
And may our tongues proclaim you.

Give us grace
That our way of life may be pleasing to you,
That we may have the patience to wait for you
And the perseverance to look for you.

Pray (A Lot)

Give me a few minutes to talk with most Christians about their prayer life, and pretty quickly, I find out the difficulty and struggle of prayer most of them face. Here are some helpful words from Benedictine Abbot Dom John Chapman. I had not heard of him prior to seeing this quote in an essay. It is from Chapman's book, Spiritual Letters, page 53.


The only way to pray is to pray; and the way to pray well is to pray much.

If one has no time for this, then one must at least pray regularly. 

But the less we pray, the worse it goes.

Veni Sancte Spiritus (Come Holy Spirit)

the fire of the Holy SpiritHere is a powerful, beautiful, surrendered, trusting prayer that can be prayed TO the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God is the third member/Person of the Trinity.

The Spirit has personality.

The Spirit has a specific work and ministry to be done.

This prayer understands the work of the Spirit and is a prayer of invitation and invocation, longing for the Spirit to do that work in your life.

I recommend a slow, prayerful reflection the first time through. Almost a lectio divina reading and moving through this prayer. You may want to pray it for several days. Later, pull it out on a weekly basis and use it as a model or stepping stone to communicte with and commune with the Spirit of God.

Journaling As a Prayer


Journaling has been something I have done most of my life.  I found one of my old journals from 30 years ago and unfortunately it was more of a chronological arrangement of my day and not a reflection upon my soul.  If that would have been my style then it would have been very interesting to see if there has been much change in my soul in those 30 years but there is not much to gather from that old tattered book. The concept of reflecting on what God has done dates back to Moses where God commanded him to write out the journeys in Numbers 33:2.  They build altars to remember what God had done for them, a physical reminder of the blessings of God. 

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