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Nine Reasons Why You Don't Ever Lose Hope

hope springs eternal for those who believeI will let you in on what should be a poorly kept secret known and celebrated by all the saints.  No matter had difficult things might be, pessimism and despair can NEVER be the mindset for one who follows Christ. Here is why (and thanks to Peter Kreeft for this reminder, the stepping stones are his ideas, most of the words are my own attempt to describe these reasons for hope).

1.  No one knows the future except for God. To be pessimistic is to have too much confidence in your own negative view of the world and your own short-sightedness of Kingdom Affairs.

2.  Repentance is always a real possibility. That means forgiveness and change are real as well. Turn arounds (repentance) happen. We come to our senses. After walking in darkness, you can chose the light, the good, the true and the beautiful.

33 Things We No Longer Believe

Or Believe In, Or Believe in the Way We Use To

Peter Kreeft, in a book he wrote 20 years ago - C. S. Lewis for the Third Millennium insightfully and profoundly analyzes our contemporary world and culture. He provides a list of 33 values, beliefs, "things" that have gone "out of stye." These things are now considered quaint, primitive, relics of old religion that is ridiculous.

If we do use the language of these things, we have redefined them so that the "ancients" would not recognize them in their new forms. Truthiness is not Truth, even if it wants to borrow the term. Truthiness is lack of Truth... Truthiness is spin-doctoring so that truth is whatever you would like it to be. At one time we knew how to identity such things. They were not called "truth." They were opinions and interpretations. Worse, they were mistakes and errors. Worse still, they were heresies and blasphemies. But not today. Not for us.

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