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Get Better

excellence, personal growth, learningYou are always either:

Growing or Declining.

Living or Dying.

Improving or Deteriorating.

Gaining Wisdom or Becoming Foolish.

Innovating or Stagnating.

Jesus talked about two roads. One is narrow and one is broad. The entry way to the narrow road is challenging. The entry to the broad way is wide open and inviting. There are hoards of travellers on the wide road. Only a few are on the narrow road. The narrow road is the road to life. The wide road is the highway to destruction. Of course Christ understood himself to be the entry way to the narrow way, the Way itself, and the final destination of LIFE.

Back to the Basics

I have been studying leadership for a long time. I have hundreds of books on the subject. While my reading in that field has declined, I still read 20+ leadership books every year. But you might be surprised at some of the books I read. For several of them are pretty basic. It is stuff I already know. So you might wonder - "Why do you read books about what you have already learned?"

Because I am forgetful.

By that I don't mean I literally forget ideas I once knew (although that does indeed happen). But I am "Neglectful." I neglect to remember what I know. You have often heard the phrase, "Out of sight, out of mind." In some odd way that is how the memory works. Here is how I want to tweak the idea for this discussion.

Eleanor Roosevelt on Becoming

. . . One very smart lady, one very outstanding leader!

Eleanor Roosevelt was married to President Franklin Roosevelt, but she was an outstanding leader in her own right. I am a big fan of reading the genre of books that I call Leadership Biographies. These are not full biographies, but are books that teach core lessons of leadership and illustrate them through the biographical details of a person's life. That is the category of the book: Leadership the Eleanor Roosevelt Way: Strategies From the First Lady of Courage.

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