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The Pursuit of Wisdom: Words From the Wise

Bear with me for a minute... or if the next few ideas are too abstract, then just go to the quotes.

  • Meta-thinking is thinking about how to think.
  • Epistemology is the philosophy of knowing, which wants to know - how do we know?
  • Philosophy literally means, "the love of wisdom."
  • Theology is "the study of God" or the study of the things of God.

Wisdom is a major theme in the Bible. Tomorrow I will share a few thoughts about the Bible on wisdom. But today I simply wanted to show you that the world's great philosophers and religious founders are quite unanimous on the goodness of you and I pursuing wisdom. Some might even say that it is the pursuit of wisdom that is the way to happiness.

One Word

One Word that will change your lifeJUST ONE WORD!
Sometimes the short, simple, and FOCUSED is the way to go. A friend got me a copy of the book One Word That Will Change Your Life. It is actually an article turned into a book that will make its authors a LOT of $$$.

Leaders Read and Leaders Read Different Books

Here are three great quotes on reading.
They speak quite loudly on their own, with no commentary needed from me.
Just action!

leaders are readers

the man who does not read, Mark Twain, illiteracy, aliteracy

"Grow, Grow" Whispers the Angel

every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers grow grow, Talmud

Every blade of grass has its angel that bends over it and whispers, "Grow, grow." The Talmud

You are meant to grow. To be alive is to grow. To grow is to flourish and thrive. It is God's will and His work for you to become all he has created you to become. You are a human becoming... a collection of possibilities, that this day, will advance toward fullness. There is More that God has for you...

May you know today that an angel is bending over you and whispering, "Grow, grow."

Live in joy, love, and vital optimism today, as you GROW.

The World Needs you to "Get On With It"

You owe it to all of us to get on with what you're good at. W.H. Auden

These words from W.H. Auden really, REALLY spoke to me. Concise, clear, compelling.

You are good at something. Maybe you are good at several things. 

What you are good at, has been entrusted to you. You are a steward of what you are good at it.

It has been entrusted to you for a reason. You are to take what you are good at, and get about doing that very thing(s).

Get Better

excellence, personal growth, learningYou are always either:

Growing or Declining.

Living or Dying.

Improving or Deteriorating.

Gaining Wisdom or Becoming Foolish.

Innovating or Stagnating.

Jesus talked about two roads. One is narrow and one is broad. The entry way to the narrow road is challenging. The entry to the broad way is wide open and inviting. There are hoards of travellers on the wide road. Only a few are on the narrow road. The narrow road is the road to life. The wide road is the highway to destruction. Of course Christ understood himself to be the entry way to the narrow way, the Way itself, and the final destination of LIFE.


When it comes to learning, I typically prefer to read longer, more substantial works. In other words - give me a good book and I am happy. I have learned how to do deep reading so i truly maximize the time I spend in the book. Right now I am working through:

Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power by Andy Crouch
Formed for the Glory of God: Learning From the Spiritual Practices of Jonathan Edwards by Kyle Strobel
Christian Mysticism by William Ralph Inge (The Oxford Lectures of 1918)
The Conferences by John Cassian (written about 400 AD, advice to the monastic communities)

Work Smarter Not Harder! Really?

There are some catchy phrases (Tag Lines) that have entered into the "Common Wisdom" of our day. Unfortunately, just because something is common and even accepted as wisdom, doesn't mean it is.

You've heard one of those catchy Tag Lines many times. It goes like this: Work Smarter, Not Harder. Really!?! Who came up with that piece of advice? What is the research to show that it really generates results. Here is the problem. In many, if not most cases, we create these popular EITHER-OR dualisms that are really unhelpful. In this case it is the EITHER-OR of smarter or harder. Smarter and harder are set in contrast, in opposition to each other. That is the mistake right from the beginning. It is a FALSE dualism that is simply not true. 

Instead - the truth is that Good Work requires you to work smarter AND work harder. 

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