Leaders Have Tenacity

The most difficulty thing is the decision to act,
the rest is merely tenacity.

Amelia Earhart

It is hard to make a decision. It is hard to act. It is hard to get started. It may be the hardest. It may be.... I am not completely sure I agree with Amelia. But we are ballpark. It is hard and if you don't make that decision, nothing else matters.

But once you have made the decision, then you must have TENACITY. You must have a "stick-to-it-ness." You must persevere. You must stay the course. You must see it as a marathon. You keep one foot going after the next. You hang in there.

It is one thing to start, quite another to finish. 

Pressure and Stress Over Time Equals Beauty

The Deep Wisdom God has Structured Into His World.
Here are three images, each with a statement. They help me understand some of the most important, rich (but hard) lessons of life. I have a brief reflection after the images.

There is nothing about a piece of coal that gives any hint it may become a diamond

the caterpillar becomes a Monarch butterfly

a grain of sand is the irritant around which a pearl is formed

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