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Rock Star Pastors

Jesus Was Not a Rock Star

Saving Leonardo, by Nancy Pearcey was a great book. I took about a month to go through it. Near the very end, she shared a perspective from TV producer Mark Joseph on the problem of the celebrity pastor. Here are her words:

"If you go to a pastor's church where he's a star, you're really there as a member to uphold his arms and help him make a bigger impact for the world (Mark Joseph)." A more biblical model is the reverse, where the leader's role is teaching and equipping lay people to go out and work on the front lines. As Joseph put it, the pastor should be "holding up the arms of the people of his congregation who are then empowered to go and do good things for the world..."

Pastoral Leadership: A Word From Jonathan Edwards

Jonathan Edwards quote, pastoral leadership

Ministers of the gospel ought to...shine forth brightly in all their conversation; and there should as it were be a light about them wherever they go, exhibiting to all that behold them, the amiable, delightful image of the beauty and brightness of their glorious Master.  Jonathan Edwards


I was up very early this morning. I didn't immediately move into my devotional regula but answered a few mails, read a few blogs that I have been behind on. These blogs were all dealing with the issue of the "celebrity pastor" feature of the contemporary North American church; and of the fall of these celebrity pastors; and of the, at times, acrimonious debates that go on over the internet on matters of theology.

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