Determination All Day Long Leads to Satisfaction at the End of the Day

It is that simple.

Wake up with energy, passion, desires, plans, commitment, eagerness, vitality . . . and seize the day, all day long. That is the way to ending the day with a sense of deep satisfaction. Keep that up for a season of time and you begin to experience more than satisfaction. You experience fulfillment and joy.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International


What You Are On To is What You Pass On

If You Are On To It, You Will Talk About It!

What you are on to defines you. Shapes you. Fills you. Then, you begin to live out what you are on to.
My apologies to all English, grammar types, for these darn dangling prepositions.

You always live out and live according to what you are on to. 

I have a good friend who is on to something powerful about reconciliation and forgiveness between people who really don't like each other. He lives this stuff constantly. By the way, he pays the price for it.

What Are You On To?

And Are You On To Something Good?

on to something good

The Apostle Paul was finally on to something good (and it was on to him as well). It was not that Paul had not been on to something before. He was. He was on to it intensely. It is that now, Paul was on to something much different, Someone Way Better. He was on to Jesus Christ crucified, risen and ascended (see Acts 9). And Jesus was on to Paul (and in to Paul - which is the more biblical way of saying it).

Leaders: People Who Are "On To Something"

It is always interesting to be around someone who is on to something.
Interesting - what a mild word! 

Dietrich Bonhoeffer quote, interrupted by God

Let's find another word or two that are better descriptions of being around others who are "on to something."

How about exciting?
What about invigorating?
Maybe challenging?
And at times - even exhilarating!
Remember, terrifying is a close cousin to exhilarating!

When we are around people who are "on to something" they have a way of drawing us in. 

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