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How the Mighty (Might Be?) Falling!

Jeff Bezos and Amazon, past their prime, how the mighty fall

Jeff Bezos and Amazon.
Are they Past Their PRIME?
How the Mighty Might be Falling!

The Real Story Behind Jeff Bezos... is an excellent article that looks at this mighty giant in the industry. A juggernaut and behemoth that have seemed unstoppable, but which may be stumbling due to organizational leadership failures.

It is too soon to tell... but there are troubling signs. This is worth a read. It is an in-depth analysis. If you are familiar with Jim Collins fine book, How the Mighty Fall, you will see some of the signs. Of course Collins says there is always hope.


Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 30

greatness is largely a matter of choice, Jim Collins quoteThe search for leader-saviors and silver-bullet solutions has not worked. Decline has continued, maybe even accelerated. At this late point, Collins says two things can happen (pp. 105).

(1)  The leadership believes that giving up, closing shop, shutting down is better than fighting on.

(2)  The leadership does not give up, but like a seriously advanced disease, the organization just dies... or shrinks to the point of irrelevance.

Collins has a profound insight that deserves a complete quote (pp. 111).

The Five Stages of Decline

Introducing the Stages
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 20

Today is an overview of the Five Stages of Decline. In following posts, I will give more detail to each stage.

Five Stages of Decline Jim Collins

ONE. Pride.
It is always the original and deadliest of sins.  Whether in your personal life or in that of an organization - it is ALWAYS DEADLY. Organizations themselves take on the character of its leaders. Remember Enron and its leadership tribe who believed they were "the smartest guys in the room"?

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