Leadership Lesson 04: Five Ways I Live in the Future

leadership vision, leaders spend a good deal of their time living in the future

Leadership Lesson 04:
Leaders spend a good deal of their time living in the future.

That is the reality! Leaders live in the future. Well, they are least rent an apartment there which they visit quite often! For fruitful visionary leadership, leaders must know how to stay energized and stay up-to-date and in touch with the emerging future. Leaders live with a balancing act, where they live in the future as they lead in the present. The only way to continually see a better future, is by seeing it. How do you see it? You see it by being there to look around.

Seven Habits of Optimistic People

hope, faith, peace, loveIt is a fun fact how Seven Habits has become the title of many articles on many subjects. This of course is due to the highly influential book by Covey, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. There isn't anything magical about the number seven, but there is something wonderful and powerful about OPTIMISM. 

The research tells us that optimistic people experience health benefits from their optimism (at least partly due to how they interact with stress and how they avoid negative behaviors that are harmful).

The research literature tells us that Emotional Intelligence, Positivity, Resonance, Relational Connectedness are all vital qualities for creating great work environments. 

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