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Welcome to One Month After New Year's Resolutions

31 Days Later...
Chances are high that you have already broken your resolutions, and have already given up on some of those goals you set.

First - don't give up. It life was easy, if improvement was easy, if change were easy - we would all be perfect. None of this stuff is easy. It takes discipline, perseverance, and the power of good habits that have been built, step by step and day by day.

Second - failure is not the problem. It is your attitude toward failure. Too many people are afraid to fail, beat themselves up when they fail, and dont' know what to do when they fail. The good news is that every failure can be a learning opportunity.

Tips for A More Efficient New Year at Work

Here is the link to a nice, helpful list of: 11 Expert Tips to Help You Be More Productive in 2014.

For most of us, it is not that we are going to do ONE BIG thing ONE TIME and we move to greater efficency, effectiveness, and fruitfulness of work. Instead, it will be the accumulation and agreggation of many smaller things, done consistently over time.

What matters then is that we have a good understanding of what those "many small improvements" are and that we have some motivation and accountability to get them implemented and sustained.

So use this article as one more resource that is seeding helpful practices into your awareness. 

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