Mother Teresa

Mother Teresa - a Few of Her Thoughts

Something beautiful for God...
That is how Malcolm Muggeridge described Mother Teresa and her work. Something beautiful, extraordinary and holy.

I recently re-read his little classic about Mother Teresa and the documentary he did on her for BBC. Muggeridge is a brilliant and insightful journalist. His own reflections about Mother Teresa, her work and his own self-understanding in light of meeting here - are deeply moving. I wanted to give you a few thoughts from Mother Teresa that spoke to me, and which led to some personal reflection. I won't tell you my own reflection... rather, simply - let you do your own.

Mother Teresa, the work of God

People in Your Life

Either Blessings or Lessons...
Which means, either way, they are blessings!

She was a wise woman. We don't always think of Mother Teresa in those terms - wise. We think of her as loving, sacrificial, generous, prophetic, deeply compassionate for the poorest of the poor - and she was all of that.

She was also WISE. It was not the wisdom of book learning, of higher degree learning, of scholarship learning. It was the wisdom of life, of experience, of pain and suffering, of hands on engagement with a broken world. She may have been one of the wisest of our modern times.

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