missional spirituality

Breaking Visibly With the World

The need to break visibly with the ways of the world,
and to assert something more defintely by one's lifestyle,
becomes more and more urgent as our society
plunges morally into the abyss,
and socially into disruption.
The need is for witnesses whose witness is both intelligible and unmistakable,
for witnesses who know how to reject and rebuke evil however disguised,
and likewise proclaim what is good.
(Abbot Parry)

When I read the Desert Fathers and Mothers, I am in touch with the ancients who believed every word of what Abbot Parry (a Benedictine Abbot) says above. They were saddened and disgusted by the excessive immorality of the cities of the ancient world. They went out to the desert to find solitude and silence... not for the sake of solitude but for the purpose of finding God. In the cities, there was too much noise, busyness, distractions, hurriedness, and interruptions.

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