Vision: It Takes a Community to Craft One

Vision Casting and Vision Collecting: A Big Difference!

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Visions that are truly shared take time to emerge. They grow as a by-product of interactions of individual visions. Experience suggests that visions that are genuinely shared require ongoing conversation where individuals not only feel free to express their dreams, but learn how to listen to each other's dreams.  Peter Senge

Christian, Muslim, Friend (A Book Exerpt)

I just read this exerpt in Christianity Today on line, and thought this is an important book, on one of the core issues of today.

So I am re-posting, Two Ways Christains Distort Islam (and Two Ways Muslims Distort Christianity)

Brian K. Rice
Leadership ConneXtions International



Foretastes of the Kingdom of God

Robert McAfee Brown quote, foretastes of the kingdom of God

It is our task to create foretastes of the Kingdom of God on this planet - living glimpses of what life is meant to be, which include art and music and poetry and share laughter and picnics and politics and moral outrage and special privileges for children only and wonder and humor and endless love.  Robert McAfee Brown (quoted in reJesus, pp. 29)

I was talking with a friend this morning about some ideas in the EXCELLENT book: reJesus: A Wild Messiah for a Missional Church by Frost and Hirsch. If you want to read just one book about Jesus - this is the one I recommend. It is so good, so beautiful, so rich and deep, you should actually do lectio divina reflections on each section so you can gain the full benefit.

What You Are On To is What You Pass On

If You Are On To It, You Will Talk About It!

What you are on to defines you. Shapes you. Fills you. Then, you begin to live out what you are on to.
My apologies to all English, grammar types, for these darn dangling prepositions.

You always live out and live according to what you are on to. 

I have a good friend who is on to something powerful about reconciliation and forgiveness between people who really don't like each other. He lives this stuff constantly. By the way, he pays the price for it.

What Are You On To?

And Are You On To Something Good?

on to something good

The Apostle Paul was finally on to something good (and it was on to him as well). It was not that Paul had not been on to something before. He was. He was on to it intensely. It is that now, Paul was on to something much different, Someone Way Better. He was on to Jesus Christ crucified, risen and ascended (see Acts 9). And Jesus was on to Paul (and in to Paul - which is the more biblical way of saying it).

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