Martin Luther and Life Long Learning

On Finding and Reading Many Books by an Author
Life Long Learning, Note 11

Here is an insight from Martin Luther that I first gained from Bobby Clinton about 20 years ago. It was very rewarding to see this same "gem" goes back a lot further in history.

Martin Luther quote, reading authors intensively

From Bobby Clinton I learned about finding "Core Authors" to become mentors. What Clinton understood was that a wise and deep immersion into the mind, thinking, heart, soul, perspective of an author takes time. It means you must read as many books as you can by an author. As you read a variety of books by an author, two things happen.

A Model of Mentoring Relationships

The Mentoring Relationships You Need to Do Life and Leadership Well
Here is a model I have found to be very useful. It is useful for my own life and personal growth. And it is useful for my work as a mentor.

mentoring model, peer mentors, finding mentors, being a mentor

See yourself as the Person at the Center of the Diagram. Now, follow these questions in light of the Bobby Clinton definition of mentoring. "Mentoring is the relational transfer of resources from one person who has them to another person who needs them" (a close paraphrase).

ONE: You need mentors.

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