Capitulation to Irrelevance or Death
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 30

greatness is largely a matter of choice, Jim Collins quoteThe search for leader-saviors and silver-bullet solutions has not worked. Decline has continued, maybe even accelerated. At this late point, Collins says two things can happen (pp. 105).

(1)  The leadership believes that giving up, closing shop, shutting down is better than fighting on.

(2)  The leadership does not give up, but like a seriously advanced disease, the organization just dies... or shrinks to the point of irrelevance.

Collins has a profound insight that deserves a complete quote (pp. 111).

Is "Great" Really a Category Christians Can Use?

Jim Collins NOTE 03:
There are definitely some words Christains do not like. I am not talking about vulgarity and swearing. Here are the words I am thinking about.

words Christians don't like

When we start using these words, and others like them, we squirm and become uncomfortable. They sound, well - worldly. Secular. UnChristian. They are not words we find in the Bible. They seem to be "works-oriented words." We prefer words like grace, love, relationship and acceptance. 

Another word to add to this list is the word - GREAT or GREATNESS. That word sounds full of pride and even arrogance. Of if not that - then of impossible standards.

I understand... I really do. I really like some other words and ideas myself. By far, my favorite two biblical phrases are from Jesus and Paul.

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