Thomas Carlyle on Humble Learning

Be Modest. Be Humble. Be Diligent.

Be these things when it comes to learning. This is not all we need be as learners. Curiosity is good. Passion also. Debate and rigorous critical analysis of the ideas set forth is not only useful - it is vital. Still, there is the great benefit of a humble demeanor for life long learning.

You know your limits. You know that you don't know MOST of what there is to know. You know you have many opinions, some of which have little substance of content or rigor of process supporting them. You understand the power of personal bias. You know you can't easily rise above your presuppositions, but at least you have awareness of them. You know others (many who are MUCH smarter than you) hold oppositive positons. You also know you have changed your mind (a time or two) in the past; and you will surely change your mind again in the future.

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