Matt Chandler

It Might Be You

Recovering Redemption, Matt ChandlerMuch of the time, we use a phrase in my circles that carries a lot of meaning with it.

It's not about you!
We typically use that to communicate that it is not about you, your agenda, your needs, your image, your wants, your, your, your... but rather - it is about God... and the purposes and will of God... It is a great tag line and a great idea.

On the other hand, sometimes we need to reverse this and make it very clear - Yes It is About You!

The Joy of Work

Speaking About Labor Day...
How often do you hear someone complaining about their work? I assume it is pretty often.

How often do you have the sense to put in just enough "work" to get by, do the minimum needed, call it a day and a week and head off for R&R.

TGIF is the popular saying.

I found this thought from Recovering Redemption (Matt Chandler) to be very inspiring.

(T)he true joy of working is found not in lazing through long lunches and cutting corners the rest of the day, but rather through diligence and excellence and full service of others' needs...

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