Marcus Buckingham

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Marcus Buckingham tells us why people join, stay and eventually leave organizations. I took his core ideas, developed them a little and put them in a one page file for you.

If you are an employer or supervisor, this framework can help you maximize employee longevity. If you are an employee this will give you some perspective on how you are doing with your place of work.


Why People Join, Stay and Quit

He is a genius.
He has written great books.
He is a compelling author.
He knows what is really going on in organizations.
Marcus Buckingham has some needed perspective on why people join, stay and eventually quit organizations. Here is some of his perspective.

We join because of the WHY.
We join an organization because we are attracted to the vision, the mission, the purpose, the essence of the organization. We too believe in what the oragnization stands for. That is why we are interested, drawn and choose to JOIN. This is true for our places of work and worship. Of course we are also attracted to other things (salary, culture, values, ethos and more)... but, the WHY of an organization is crucial. Organizations MUST know how to promote the WHY WE EXIST message to attract the right kind of people.

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