Emotional Intelligence and Reacting to Strong Emotions at Work

What To Do When Facing Strong Negative Emotions in the Workplace

Everyone has heard about emotional intelligence (Daniel Goleman).
Everyone "sort of" knows what we mean by emotional intelligence.
Everyone (almost) knows how important emotional intelligence is.

And yet - that very hard challenge of - being emotionally healthy and intelligent when others are in places of emotional distress and extroverting that distress - now that takes quite a bit of emotional intelligence.

When there is strong emotion at play (like fear, anger and sadness), leaders must really practice the Non-Anxious Presence and avoid being pulled into the emotional drama. It is helpful to have some practical and immediately applicable strategies and tactics for how to be "non-anxious."

Here are a few suggestions for "how-to" do this.

5 Difficult Conversations We Don't Want to Have

I Suppose Some People Like to be the Bearers of Bad News...
...but I am not one of them.

Still, at times, I have to have these difficult conversations. This article identifies just FIVE of these conversations, with a few suggestions how to have them.

Six Top Mistakes in Difficult Conversations

I am just back from a trip to Chile and Argentina where I had the privilege of working with missional leaders and helping train their teams. I am so very blessed with the heart and dedication of these friends and partners in God's Beautiful Kingdom.

The problem has been a very busy last six weeks (that included a trip to Holland and to France for similar ministry and then a week of being sick with bronchitis) that has made it quite challenging to find time for blogging.

My rhythm is definitely off. But I will put up a few links over the next several days until I am able to get back into a mode of blogging.

Here is a link to The Top Six Mistakes Managers Make When Having Difficult Conversations.

Warren Benis: Over-managed, Under-led

The issue of leadership and management has attracted many of our greatest minds who have come to a vareity of conclusions on the nature of these two tasks.

Warren Bennis clearly maps out his position on leading and managing. If you click here, you can see an article where Bennis provides some of the differences between management and leadership.

Warren Bennis quote, failing organizations over-managed under-led


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