To Command Great Things...

Nietzsche quote, to do great things is difficult to command great things is more difficult

To do great things is difficult;  but to command great things is more difficult.  Nietzsche

My morning devotions consist of lectio divina readings, journaling on the texts, praying through them, listening, discerning, and imagining what it is to live into the fuller meaning of these reflections. Right now I am working through Galatians and also additional Scriptures in the workbook I am writing on the Leadership  Way of Christ. I also use a little book that is a collection of quotes on leadership. In that little book, I usually read 4-8 quotes and find a few that inspire reflection.

When Leadership Begins

Andy Crouch quote, leadership begins when, flourishing

Leadership does not begin with a title or a position. It begins the moment you are more concerned about others' flourishing than you are about your own.   Andy Crouch

Nothing new, yet one of the old truths that we must remember (be reminded of) over and over.

Leaders exist for the sake of others. Others do not exist for the sake of the leader.

The leader is a servant, a shepherd, a steward and even a sufferer for others.

Jesus was the ultimate example of existing for the flourhsing of others.

It is worth asking - who is flourishing right now because of your leadership? If you don't see much flourishing - maybe you aren't leading!

Top Ten Lessons

Hi Everyone

I have been terribly but productively busy the last six weeks, but the blogging time has been hard to come by. I will return to it, but bigger writing projects take my extra time.

I still like to drop ideas your way, so . . .

Here is a real nice Fast Company article on the Ten Best Buisness Leadership Lessons of 2015. I thought you might enjoy it.

Almost Merry Christmas.

Four Factors That Facilitate Success

When Michael Lindsay studied one of the most effective leadership learning programs in the U.S.A., he turned to the White House Fellowship program. As he interviewed graduates of that program, he found there were four main factors the program facilitated for its participants. These factors paved the way for a future of wide open possibilities. (See, View From the Top.)

ONE: Significant Work.
The program offers the opportunity to do work that matters, work that is challenging and meaningful, and work that is diverse. To grow in leadership, you need lots of opportunities to learn and practice skills, and to be exposed to a skill set that is outside your normal group of competencies.

Winston Churchill on Leadership: Work, Command, Create

Churchill on LeadershipWork Like a Slave!  
Command Like a King!  
Create Like a God

Winston Churchill has been a long standing favorite of mine. I spent a year where I used him as a historical mentor. I read quite a bit about him, although I never read many of his own books. At some time in the future, I know I would benefit if I took the time to read what Churchill wrote.

I Find People Extremely Exhausting

Bonhoeffer quote, Life Together, I find people extremely exhaustingNot My Words - but Those of Dietrich Bonhoeffer*
Who deeply loved people. Who was fully commiited to people. Who made great sacrifices for people.

And who taught those who were studying to become pastors, that before they seek to be excellent in preaching and leading - they must be excellent in serving. When I recently read Life Togehter, the chapter on ministry, I was really struck by the first FIVE TASKS OF MINISTRY Bonhoeffer described.

A Story in Leadership

Musician-Leader-Entrepreneur Peter Shapiro
I love stories. You do too.
I love stories about leadership. Since you read this blog, I assume you do as well.
I love stories about music (since I love music and play the guitar and bass). That may not be your area of interest. 
But for me . . . put together a story about leadership and music and that is a winner.

So, when I recently read this GREAT story about Peter Shapiro and his Brooklyn Bowl project - I read it several times. I thought I would just give you the link that will take you to the FastCompany story. Enjoy.

7 Lessons Brooklyn Bowl's Founder Learned the Hard Way

Jim Collins and Great Leadership.

Jim Collins photo  Good to Great  Built to Last  How the Might FallJim Collins NOTE 01:
It happened a few months ago. I was realy caught off guard. I was talking with a younger leader (in their mid-twenties). I used the idea of BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious  Goals) that Jim Collins made popular in Built to Last. They had never heard that phrase. I said it came from leadership author Jim Collins. A blank stare! "Who is that" was the question?  "Wow!", I thought.  "How can someone in leadership not know about Jim Collins and the wealth of ideas he has contributed to the world of leadership?" After a moment of surprise, I explained the idea of BHAGs. 

Take Intelligent Risks

there can be no great accomplishment without risk, Neil Armstrong, quote on riskSo, tell me, did you take any RISKS this past week? 
Inspire me with a story of a risk you took.
What did you do?
Why did you do it?
How confident were you when you did it?
How much risk was there?
Where did you find the courage and faith to take this risk?
What were you hoping to achieve through this risk-taking?

I posed these questions to a small group of leaders. Silence.....  Long, pregnant, uncomfortable, silence... Then a great discussion. About risk, vision, challenges, security and insecurity, fears, courage . . .


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