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Warren Bennis: Leaders Shape Reality

Warren Bennis quote, leadership is the capacity to translate vision into realityWarren Bennis is one of the originators of modern leadership. He was the founding chairman (and professor) of the Leadership Institute of Southern California. He is the author of over 30 books. His great contribution was to write in ways that were accurate, personable, interesting and accessible to the non-academic. In other words - he wrote for leaders living at the EDGE of where the action was. 

Bennis died a few weeks ago. I did a post with links to some thoughtful eulogies. I am running a short series of posts on some of his great thoughts. In each post I will also mention one of his great books that are well worth reading.

Max De Pree on what Leaders Do

Max De Pree was the incredible sevant leader of the furniture company Herman Miller. De Pree was such a good leader and wrote such excellent books on leadership, that eventually a Max De Pree Center for Leadership was founded

Two of my favorite (still worth reading) books my De Pree are:  
Leadership is an Art
Leadership Jazz

Here is one of the most powerful definitions of the Work of the Leader I have yet encountered. There are three things a leader must do.

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