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Leaders Make the Future

Eight Ideas for Future Leadership

I just finished the fascinating book, Leaders Make the Future: Ten New Leadership Skills for an Uncertain Future. Brilliant, bold, wise, stimulating, and a worthwhile map for the skills needed for an uncertain future. Early in the book, Johansen provides eight themes or insights that will be true for future leaders. These are NOT the ten skills, but rather, core themes that will be manifest in those who lead for the future. Here they are.

Get there early. Be among the first to show up. Don't be premature, but hesitation and later adoption is not going to serve leaders for the future. Faith, foresight, risk-taking, curiosity, and the mindset of explorers and adventurers is needed.

Decide Then Follow Through

It is that simple! And apparently that hard!

Here are two leadership skills that flow together, for one without the other leads to problems. Decision making and then implementation of what is decided.

Decision Making.
For some it is easy, for others it is painful. (1) It is painful when you don't know if you have all the relevant information to make a good decision. (2) It is painful when you have multiple options and they are all good ones, but now you must choose one. (3)  It is painful when you must choose and your "best choice" is risky. (4) And it is painful when you don't want to be responsible for the choice. But life, ministry and work require decisions. Good leadership requires decision making. You must learn how to make good decisions (and this is itself a large field of study with excellent resources available to leaders).

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