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Leadership Lesson 04: Five Ways I Live in the Future

leadership vision, leaders spend a good deal of their time living in the future

Leadership Lesson 04:
Leaders spend a good deal of their time living in the future.

That is the reality! Leaders live in the future. Well, they are least rent an apartment there which they visit quite often! For fruitful visionary leadership, leaders must know how to stay energized and stay up-to-date and in touch with the emerging future. Leaders live with a balancing act, where they live in the future as they lead in the present. The only way to continually see a better future, is by seeing it. How do you see it? You see it by being there to look around.

Leadership Lesson 04: Facing the Future

Leadership Lesson 04: Facing the Future
Being forward looking is THE quality that most separates leaders from followers.

If there is one thing that is most often talked about, it is visionary leadership. Sometimes I think it is the MAIN thing that is said to define leaders. What I so respect about Kouzes and Posner, is they know great leadership requires many components. And in that larger vision, they give the rightful place of vision and seeing a better future.

Leadership Lesson 03: Values Buy In

Leadership Lesson 03: Values Buy In
If you don't stick to your values when they're being tested, they're not values: They're hobbies.

Important Question:
So when I first read this quote, I had a new idea. Who is the one who needs the MOST BUY-IN to your values? 

Leadership Lesson 02: The Six Benefits of Credibility

Leadership Lesson 02:

The Six Benefits of Credibility

There are many more than six benefits, but there are six benefits that Kouzes and Posner identified, that results when leaders are seen as CREDIBLE. When people have credible leaders, they are significantly more likely to:

1.  Be proud of their organization and tell others about it.
In other words, your credibility paves the way for your team to become RAVING FANS of their workplace.

2.  Feel a strong sense of team spirit.
Team spirit - by definition, means I belong to this team, I love my team, I will not let my team down. 

Leadership Lesson 02: Credibility Matters

Leadership Lesson 02:
Credibility is the Foundation of Leadership.

If people don't believe in you, they won't willingly follow you.  Kouzes and Posner

The subject of credibility is so important, that Kouzes and Posner wrote a TOME on it. The subtitle tells you why they wrote so extensively on it. How Leaders Gain and Lose, Why People Demand It. People demand it. So we better know what it is, how we get it, and how we could lose it.

Leadership Lesson 01: You Can Make a Difference at Work

Leadership Lesson 01: 
You Can Make a Difference at Work

There are so many researchers that help us understand the strategic role of a supervisor or manager in the workplace. The person who makes the greatest difference for those who work (no matter where it is) is the immediate supervisor. It has been said that people don't leave jobs. They leave bosses. And not the bosses at the top of the ladder, the ones who run the entire organization. It is the "boss" who is closest to them who makes for a positive or negative work experience.

Daniel Goleman helps us understand this with his theme of emotional intelligence and leaders creating resonant work spaces. The most important work a leader can do for those on her or his team is to create a resonant work atmosphere.

Leadership Lesson 01: You Can Make a Difference as a Role Model

Leadership Lesson 01:
You Can Make a Difference as a Role Model

Kouzes and Posner have spent years studying leadership through research, surveys, and interviews. One of the questions they asked people was about their role models. Who were the role models that influenced us for leadership? The chart above is reproduced from their book, The Truth About Leadership, page 9.

There are some striking facts in this chart.

First, notice who the people are that we turn to as role models for leadership. They are the people who are closest to us. The ones with whom we do life. The people who are positioned to impact us up close with their character, values, wisdom, stories and relationship.

Leadership Lesson 01: You Can Make a Difference

You can make a difference

Leadership Lesson 01:
You Can Make a Difference

Kouzes and Posner are some of the most well known authors in the field of leadership. Their book, The Challenge of Leadership is one of the primary texts on the work of leadership. In 2010, they wrote a little book called The Truth About Leadership. It was a short summary of the most important lessons (truths) they discerned in their decades of research on leadership. I am going to blog on their ten most essential leadership lessons in the next two weeks.

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