John Wesley

John Wesley, a Generous Orthodoxy

And a Wide Appreciation for the Spiritual Classics of the Faith

learning is the essence of humility

I intentionally used this quote from an "eastern religious teacher" to introduce the tension about this post (and John Wesley as a model).

Christianity is always concerned about truth and error. God's Word is truth. Christ is the revelation of the Triune God, made flesh and dwelling among us. False teaching is a real problem, not just for the first century church, but for the 21st century one as well. There is objective reality and truth about that reality. Truth is not only what you perceive or what you opinion or what you want it to be.

John Wesley - a Remarkable Leader

As Seen in These Descriptions of the Man

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I must admit to a fair amount of ignorance about this remarkable leader. I knew a few general things about Wesley, but I have NEVER studied his life and ministry (much to my personal embarrassment). I have studied many of the Reformers and likewise the Puritans, but Wesley has been a MAJOR OMISSION. 

When You Set Yourself on Fire...

People Love to Come and See You Burn

This quote by John Wesley is of course, talking about the inner fire of passion, truth, beauty, goodness, glory, conviction, vision . . . there are many different words that can be used. The world is attracted to those people who have a fire burning within them.

Now, this fire may be a purifying, holy, glorious fire.
Or it may be a dangerous, destructive fire.
We are drawn to those who burn within and who can communicate that "burning" in words and actions. 

Hitler is one of the most recent unholy fires that burned and mesmerized a nation and traumatized a world. Not all fires are from heaven.

But others are!

Jesus said he came to "set the earth on fire" (Luke 12:49).

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