The Undisciplined Pursuit of More

Stage Two of Organizational Decline
Great Leadership Lessons, 23

It is not the problem of complacency that leads to decline (according to the research by Collins). It is the undisciplined pursuit of more. Now, before we completely eliminate complacency and laziness - I would like to put in a good word of warning about complacency, for it is indeed a problem that leads to decline.

Complacency and lazines about learning, being developmental of your poeple, thinking about the future, analyzing cultural trends, critical thinking, building teams, deep praying and all the other necessary works of leadership - this will indeed lead to problems. Serious ones.

Life Long Learning (The Jesuit Way)

Eric Hoffer  the learned and the learningThe busier you are, the harder your work, the more demanding your challenges, the more pressed you are, the greater the stress levels in your life, THEN - the more absolutely imperative it is that you have integrated rhythms of learning, study, prayer and reflection in your life.

As the complexity of life accelerates, as change is massively and wickedly continuous and disruptive, it is only those Life Long Learners who will be relevant, wise and fruitful. This is why Life Long Learning is a core value of Leadership ConneXtions International. This is why we spend as much time as we do in our own personal learning, in creating learning environments and communities of transformation and in empowering leaders to be architects of such environments.

At this, the Jesuits were MASTERS. 

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