J. I. Packer

Theology Must be Sung (and Prayed)

J. I. Packer quote  theology must be sung and prayed or it leaves me cold

J. I. Packer is one of my favorite theologians. This thought from Packer is why I love him so. Packer gets it so RIGHT when it comes to theology. Theology cannot stand by itself. 

Theology & Doxology
Thinking & Praising
Truth & Worship
Belief & Adoration

These things are meant to be together. When theology is divorced from doxology, then such theology becomes dry rationalism and even dead orthodoxy... or worse (apostasy)!

Worship is the remedy to dry orthodoxy.
Praise and petition is the antidote to a creeping rationalism that "may tantalize the mind, but it leaves the heart unaffected."
Religious affections are the pre-requisite for dogmatic considerations...at least wise ones.

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