Leadership Lesson 01: You Can Make a Difference at Work

Leadership Lesson 01: 
You Can Make a Difference at Work

There are so many researchers that help us understand the strategic role of a supervisor or manager in the workplace. The person who makes the greatest difference for those who work (no matter where it is) is the immediate supervisor. It has been said that people don't leave jobs. They leave bosses. And not the bosses at the top of the ladder, the ones who run the entire organization. It is the "boss" who is closest to them who makes for a positive or negative work experience.

Daniel Goleman helps us understand this with his theme of emotional intelligence and leaders creating resonant work spaces. The most important work a leader can do for those on her or his team is to create a resonant work atmosphere.

Leadership Lesson 01: You Can Make a Difference

You can make a difference

Leadership Lesson 01:
You Can Make a Difference

Kouzes and Posner are some of the most well known authors in the field of leadership. Their book, The Challenge of Leadership is one of the primary texts on the work of leadership. In 2010, they wrote a little book called The Truth About Leadership. It was a short summary of the most important lessons (truths) they discerned in their decades of research on leadership. I am going to blog on their ten most essential leadership lessons in the next two weeks.

Leaders Need Organizations

lasting social change does not occur through people but through institutions

In View From the Top, Michael Lindsay, president of Gordon College made a point that got my attention. Lindsay said, "Lasting social change does not occur through people but through institutions. the most effective leaders, realize that institutional momentum is far more powerful than individual, charismatic personalities."

What You Are On To is What You Pass On

If You Are On To It, You Will Talk About It!

What you are on to defines you. Shapes you. Fills you. Then, you begin to live out what you are on to.
My apologies to all English, grammar types, for these darn dangling prepositions.

You always live out and live according to what you are on to. 

I have a good friend who is on to something powerful about reconciliation and forgiveness between people who really don't like each other. He lives this stuff constantly. By the way, he pays the price for it.

Real Impact

Ths soul often grows best through loss. This is not in any way to romanticize or minimize suffering, loss and the pain that comes with them. Phil Vischer was the creative, innovative genius behind Veggie Tales. I loved watching these stories with my son when he was young. Actually, I liked watching them as he got older and felt too old for them.

You can read an interview with Phil as he talks about the growth his company experiened, and then the loss, the bankruptcy and the confusion that came with this. Phil reflected on the meaning of success and loss and how the soul encounters God in these unexpected, unwanted times.

Phil Vischer Veggie Tales suffering loss finding meaning

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