How the Mighty Fall

Four Signs of Stage One Decline (The Results of Pride)

The Signs are Clear When You Have the Eyes to See
Someone in your organization needs to have those eyes!
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 22

dogmatic, dogmatism, deathIt has been several weeks since my previous post in this series. To refresh your memory - check out Pride is the Deadly Organizational Sin.
There are four signs Collins mentions that are the results of pride. Here is a brief explanation of each.

Pride is the Deadly Organizational Sin

pride all about me deal with itNo Surprise on This One!  Pride is Always at the Root of What's Gone Wrong!
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 21

It is the original sin.
It is the most deadly of sins.
It is the most ingrained of sins.
It is the foolishness of those who cannot see themselves for who and what they are.
It is the sin which launches a multitude of other ones.

Call it hubris, ego, vanity, arrogance, superiority - in this form it is always bad. There is a type of pride that is good. You can have a true and necessary delight, enjoyment, satisfaction, and confidence in real achievements and accomplishments. Leaders actually need that kind of pride.


The Five Stages of Decline

Introducing the Stages
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 20

Today is an overview of the Five Stages of Decline. In following posts, I will give more detail to each stage.

Five Stages of Decline Jim Collins

ONE. Pride.
It is always the original and deadliest of sins.  Whether in your personal life or in that of an organization - it is ALWAYS DEADLY. Organizations themselves take on the character of its leaders. Remember Enron and its leadership tribe who believed they were "the smartest guys in the room"?

How the Mighty Fall - Decline Happens

organizational declineGreat Leadership Lesson, Note 19
Without Constant Resistance Entropy Wins in the End

Decline. Decay. Diminishment. Disintegration. Regression. Going Downhill. Whatever you want to call it. It happens. To all of us. Even to the best of us. Individuals, families, teams, organizations, nations - Decline Happens.

The Boston Celtics are my NBA Team. They were so great (years ago). Now it is hard to watch them!

The Dallas Cowboys WERE my NFL Team. They were great (decades ago...sigh). Now I won't watch them!

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