A Collage of Images-Quotes as I Think About the Paris Horror

Edmund Burke, for evil to flourish

if you don't like what you see in the world do not blame the world

Teddy Roosevelt, it is not the critic who counts

Jesus weeping for the world, Jesus crying

No commentary added, just the encouragement to continue your own reflection, discernment and prayerfulness.


A Swift Sunrise

One of My FAVORITE Scenes in the Lord of the Rings

Here is the link to the clip in the movie. It is during the battle of Gondor. The forces of Mordor are overwhelming the city. Gandalf and Pippen have been in battle, have a brief respite and Pippen makes a comment about not thinking the adventure would end this way.

After you have watched the scene, here is my rendition of images that capture this moving conversation.

End this way.
Return of the King, Gandalf, swift sunrise 01

Leaders Shaping the Future

WHAT KEEPS YOU GOING . . . Into the Future?

John Gardner quote, the future is shaped, emotionally intelligent leaders, vital optimism

The future is shaped my men and women
with a steady, even zestful confidence
that on balance their efforts will not have been in vain.
John Gardner

I used this thought from John Gardner in a recent lesson on the power of hope and vital optimism.  Leaders are those who have the privilege and responsibility of shaping the future, to a greater degree than others.

Leaders, the Future and Constant Hope

Zestful Confidence!
Here is a powerful thought from educator and cognitive psychologist John Gardner.

John Gardner quote, leaders and the future

Leaders see a better future. That is vision.
Leaders know how to work toward that future becoming a reality. That is strategy.
Leaders need confidence their hard work (even struggles and sacrifices) to bring about the desired future, will not be in vain. That is HOPE.

The question every leader must know is how they will cultivate the quality of hope. The Christian leader has all the resources of Christ, the Holy Spirit, the Scriptures and the Promises of God that create our Hope.

Nine Reasons Why You Don't Ever Lose Hope

hope springs eternal for those who believeI will let you in on what should be a poorly kept secret known and celebrated by all the saints.  No matter had difficult things might be, pessimism and despair can NEVER be the mindset for one who follows Christ. Here is why (and thanks to Peter Kreeft for this reminder, the stepping stones are his ideas, most of the words are my own attempt to describe these reasons for hope).

1.  No one knows the future except for God. To be pessimistic is to have too much confidence in your own negative view of the world and your own short-sightedness of Kingdom Affairs.

2.  Repentance is always a real possibility. That means forgiveness and change are real as well. Turn arounds (repentance) happen. We come to our senses. After walking in darkness, you can chose the light, the good, the true and the beautiful.

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