The Seven C's of Hiring

In looking for people to hire, you look for three qualities: integrity, intelligence, and energy. If they don't have the first, the other two will kill you. Warren Buffet

There is a simple but good model for hiring and staffing. Look for character, chemistry, creed, competency and capacity. For work in the Christian context, there are two more aspects as well.

1.  Character: Who you are on the inside - like integrity, wisdom, love, goodness, empathy... I add emotional intelligence and relational intelligence in this category. Without a solid character, everything else is going to cause you problems. That is what Buffet is getting at with his emphasis on integrity. 

When Interviewing for a Job

Be Sure to Ask These Great Questions About Company Culture
I have had several conversations recently about "culture" in an organization and being sure to hire people who are really in sync with that culture. Culture is the set of intangibles that make up "the way we do things around here." it is not the policies and procesures of an organization. It is the values, the ethos, the essence that makes your place what it is...and different from other places that may have a very similar mission as your group has.

In a leadership manual i am working on - There's More: Mindsets, Resources and Tools to Leverage Your Leadership and Launch Your Growth, I talk about how important it is to know your "personal culture" and be sure you have great alignment with your organization.

Failing to Recruit the Right People

Is Always Bad and Even Worse When an Organization is in Decline
Great Leadership Lessons, Note 25

I’ve seen it many times. The right people make all the difference for good. The right people are how you move from good to great.

The wrong people make all the difference in the other direction. The wrong people are how the mighty (or even the “quite good") fall from good to mediocre to bad to terrible.

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