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Uncomfortable Work Situations: Which Ones Have You Been In This Past Year?

Merry Christmas Eve to Everyone

Here is another very nice intro Fast Company article about the ten most uncomfortable work situations we might find ourselves in.

Have you been in any of these this year? If so, what did you do about it? How did it turn out? What did you learn through it?

And were there any other uncomfortable ones you were in that are not on this list?

The Three E's of Good Work

The Good Work Project has identified three key components that must be present for work to be considered good work.

Your work must be excellent.
Mediocre skills, average ability, generic competency is not sufficient for good work. One of the things I constantly set before leaders is the need for excellence. Work hard to learn, grow and develop. Leverage your gifts as best you can. Make them stronger. Grow them until you are outstanding in the use of your strengths. Trying is not sufficient. That is just the beginning. This is why leaders must be life long learners. This is why leaders need mentors. 

Your Work Matters to God

A (Brief) Biblical Worldview on Work

1.  God Works and God Loves the Work He Does.

2.  God created us in HIS own image, that means we too are designed to work.

3.  God commanded Adam and Eve to work.

4.  The work they did was to be meaningful since it was their way of partnering with God to create a world of culture.

5.  Sin damaged, but not destroyed work.

6.  The damage of sin takes a myriad of forms. Work has become difficult, frustrating, less productive, at times oppressive, and the systems of ownership and distribution are certainly unfair and inequitable.

Doing Good Work

A Collage of Quotes to Inspire You
There are dozens and dozens of great quotes from people who truly love their work, who believe work is meaningful and worth doing very well.

None of these quotes is distinctly biblical, but each quote is highly compatible with a biblical view of work.

Tomorrow I will finish this week's thoughts on work with a few suggestions for a Biblical Worldview About our Work.

So here are the quotes:

Which ones do you most appreciate?

Are there other quotes you would add to this list?





The Diminishment of Work
If Henry Ford exalted work to a place it was not meant to have, today, there are many people who diminish work to a place where it loses it dignity and meaning.

I think it is easiest if I provide a number of quotes that illustrate this contemporary mindset.

Henry Ford: Work as Idolatry

When we fail to have a good theology of work, there are two main alternatives that emerge.

The first is seen in the quote from Henry Ford, one of the fathers of modern industrialization. This is Work as Idolatry. Work becomes supreme. Work is the pathway to sanity, self-respect, salvation, health, wealth, and happiness. Work is the New Savior. All else is subordinated to one's work. This also gives HUGE power to those who own the means and places of work. We are now dependent on them for our jobs, which is our work, and our salvation.

There are certainly those who believe this... but I think the second option is becoming more significant and that is tomorrow's post.

The Joy of Work

Speaking About Labor Day...
How often do you hear someone complaining about their work? I assume it is pretty often.

How often do you have the sense to put in just enough "work" to get by, do the minimum needed, call it a day and a week and head off for R&R.

TGIF is the popular saying.

I found this thought from Recovering Redemption (Matt Chandler) to be very inspiring.

(T)he true joy of working is found not in lazing through long lunches and cutting corners the rest of the day, but rather through diligence and excellence and full service of others' needs...

Are You Getting the Results You Want?

If you are not, here is a little perspective.

Tom Asacker says your organization, whatever it is: a team, or family, or community group, even a government, is getting exactly the results it is designed to get (The Business of Belief, pp. 113-115)! Asacker is not original on this thought, but he does say it very well in these few pages.

Most of us think our organizations are somehow, not getting what they should be getting. Tom says - huh? Why would you think that? Of course your organization is getting what it is designed to get. Don't blame the organization for not getting results. The problem is the DESIGN of the organization. The way the organization is designed, it gets what it is designed to get. 

If you don't like the results or lack of results - then CHANGE THE DESIGN. 

Virtues and Tenets of a Profession

Here is a real interesting and useful model that gives one author's understanding of the VIRTUES needed for good work and then the TENETS (or best practices/ways) of good work.

On this website, there is a poster that has 7 Virtues and 15 Tenets (you can download it).
There is a pdf that has a brief explanation (you can donwload it).
And there is a video you can watch as the author talks about this model.

Well worth checking out. What may be even more useful is for you to think about your own core list of the necessary Virtues and the best Tenets that will help you do good work and be a good leader.

Brian K. Rice
Leadership  ConneXtions International

The Two Things You Must Do Today

The two things you must do today! Having a great day of work is as easy as doing two things... but the two things are hard.

First, you must do good work. Whatever it is you are doing, do it really well. Make, create, build, develop, contribute, fix, repair, service, assess, advise . . . . . Whatever you do today that is at the CORE OF YOUR CALLING - do it really, really well.



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